Mahagonny, with Remains Theatre, directed by Warren Leming, with music by the cast, Al Wittek and Warren Leming.

Cold Chicago (also titled: The Eight Hours) A play in cabaret form, released as a book by Kerr Publishing, with illustrations by Carlos Cortez, music, libretto and text by Warren Leming

Walter Benjamin: A Theory of Chaos. A dance theatre production based on the life and work of the German writer Walter Benjamin, who died fleeing the Gestapo in 1940.

Weimar: a cabaret revue from the heyday of Cross Currents Cabaret. Directed and written by Warren Leming, and featuring the Partisans: Jeanette Schwaba, Paul Raci, and Jim Winter.

The Post Rational Players: Together for only one season, the Players were Del Close, Warren Leming, and Larry Coven. They wrote and produced three revues during their run at Cross Currents.

The Devil in Bremen. A reworking of a Fassbinder film, Bremen Freiheit, with music and text by Warren Leming, features the Chicago Cabaret Ensemble at the Theatre Loft.

Woyzeck: a restaging and reworking of a classic piece which changed the nature of theatrical production. Features the Chicago Cabaret Ensemble.

Dark City: a dance theatre piece featuring Amy Carlson, Carlotta Ramos and Sabrina Ross. Directed by Warren Leming, with music by Jim Tomasello.

Seven Industrial Sins: Conceived and directed by Warren Leming, and featuring Sabrina Ross and Courtney Blakemore. A look at nightlife and the commodified imagry that drives it.

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